Voice Movement Therapy - Cape Town

Voice Movement Therapy


Leán Coetzer

I was a founder members of the PACT Contemporary Dance company in 1988 and am an acclaimed contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer.

My dance production "Vlees", won the Beeld Plus Artvark prize for the most ground-breaking production at the Aardklop National Arts Festival in 2001 and was nominated for an FNB Vita award for best production of the year.

Since 2010 I have extended my field of expression to performance art. and have created amongst others, works for Spier Contemporary Art exhibition, Infecting the City in Cape Town and Grahamstown Arts Festival.


With VMT, I have added the expressive qualities of the voice to my repertoire. I wrote my VMT thesis on the use of Performance Art in Voice Movement Therapy.


For images and videos of my creative work, go to: www.leancoetzer.co.za

I live close to the beach in Fish Hoek, Cape Town.  I enjoy being a mom to my two children aged 11 and 13.  I drink good coffee and take long meditative walks. I own a box shaped cello that I play in an experimental fashion.

What excites me

it is pure expression that excites me most. This is what has been prevalent right through my life and career and what I keep craving more of . It is not perfection or beauty or strength - it is any of these things and more…

it is sadness, that is sad, age that is ancient, longing that yearns, regret that is contrite, anger that is furious, tenderness that is soft - the list is endless. Whenever pure expression is achieved in the body - I am moved. This is what excites me - this is what living is for me.


This is what excites me when I create a performance - it is the feeling of being one thing completely, taking every last drop of what I am and what is in the room and what I can remember, and putting it into one thing, one feeling.

When I see a dancer slip into an inner world where no one can intrude - that excites me.

When I hear a voice of truth - that excites me.