Voice Movement Therapy - Cape Town

Voice Movement Therapy


Therapy movement and dance

"I would recommend VMT for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves at a deeper level - what motivates them and what their core beliefs are that may limit them in life and relationship to others. VMT with Lean is therapy in a fun and relaxed way - a feeling of great release washes over you after a session. It seems that the unexpressed 'stuff' is allowed to come to one's attention in a far easier, non-threatening way when moved through as a whole body experience  as opposed to when it is intellectually discussed and dissected.


My VMT session with Leán was a profoundly moving experience.

I wasn't sure what I would get from it, as I use my voice easily, I move uninhibitedly and generally feel very connected to my inner self as a whole - yet, I was surprised to find that during our session I accessed a part of myself I had never felt before."

- Leila

"V.M.T to me has been a non-invasive gentle way to address blockages within the deep subconscious that prevent me from living a full life. I took on this journey with Leán and discovered and released things within myself, which I did not know were there. VMT coils its way through your soul and opens up your potential. The experience has been uplifting, powerful and positive. I am grateful to have been able to experience the power of sound and to discover the power of my own  ‘voice.’"

- Estelle